Another very big day on the mulch…





We got most of the CG slopes protected on Sunday just in time before the splash or two of rain last night.

That will help solidify our deco granite terrace surfaces nicely, and – because of the newly-spread mulch – not wash away the very fine top soil spread around the perimeter of the Community Garden. Thanks this time go to the two Murrays, and JB once again.

The mulch pile still has a slightly intimidating look but I reckon we’ve distributed getting on for half of it now.


  • If you’d like to chip in yourself this week, the weather forecast is pretty much fine or partly cloudy this week, which means the shed painting can go with a swing. So we plan 08:30 – 10:30 sessions on site (dressed 
  • to paint or mulch) for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Afternoons can be available on request. The weekend is destined for much mulching unless the weather goes wrong. 
  • Shed construction and location now planned for the first week of November (tbc). 
  • Raised bed construction planned around the weekend of 6, 7, 8 November (tbc). No known volunteer labour needed there. 
  • Anyone who has a ute or light truck and could pick up one or two empty poly 1000l IBC (water) tanks from Logan or Carole Park (or similar) for us over the next fortnight or so, do get in touch.

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