Progress at pace





Apologies for not staying up to date with progress news and images, but the Facebook Group has been kicking on as usual. Our Membership Secretary tells me the Group is up around 200 followers now, which is fantastic…

So, while we haven’t been web posting, we have made some really significant progress over the last seven days. 

  • Dominic Filewood (our bedrock Cheeky Chippie, landscape gardener/builder/eco-warrior) has delivered exactly what we wanted the tin to say (building a 12m run of pretty smart raised beds), 
  • our own Tool Shed is taking shape and position this weekend (see pics) which will mean we will soon have a safe place to put tools and kit (one that isn’t our own garages/boots and homes), 
  • plus the “Thanks to 100 Acre Bar” edible flower bed is so well planted with salad and cocktail flowers that it has spilled over into a couple of others for the moment. Difficult to imagine too many nasturtiums, but . . .

Shed raising on tomorrow, (thanks so much, Rusty) more bed-planting, SEQ wildflower seeds sourcing in progress, water tank on the way, and indigenous edibles like Pigface and Native Violets are ready to go in after the hot spell…


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