Better to get it right than wrong…





The CG Tool Shed has shifted location (by one terrace) and is taking a tad longer than we planned, largely because of the weather making working bent over and rivetting corrugated iron in the hot sun not much fun at all. However, we now want to have a sort of formal, Amish (sic) “Shed-Raising” (without the horses and carts or the scratchy retro clothes) celebration of community skills and commitment this Sunday (22 November) by mustering together to plonk the roof on the shed!

Particular thanks to Rusty for:

a) finding,

b) dismantling,

c) storing,

d) donating the shed,

and then e) for remembering how to put it back together again…

And thanks also to a bunch of people who enthusiastically slapped some Heritage-friendly (the SLCG is sited on part of a BCC-listed Heritage Place) Mangrove Green paint all over the 24 panels of the shed, to help it blend in. Mostly with the massive mobile phone tower not that far away.


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