28 February: 2021 SLCG Snaps





Sweet Potato, Cucomelon and Tomatoes all doing their thing

Basil galore. It’s been a good year for most herbs

A temporary green hedge for a year or two: pineapples!

Edible (and drinkable) flowers galore

Native edible “violets”, native “parsley” and European parsley too…

Donated Shade House

Pumpkins proving particularly popular

Really getting there: a place for stuff and a place to put the stuff to good use

No, I don’t get bigger. I am a cucomelon and I look like a melon but I taste like a cucumber.

Sometimes we don’t see the progress because we are too close to the day to day

The two main elements of the BCC Compost Hub: the public part (front), and the SLCG bays (rear)

You put a small lump of sweet potato in decent soil with water and sun and stand back.

Alongside the butcher birds and the kookaburras that share the Park with us, we have some regular thick-kneed parenting going on too


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