August 2021: Winter harvests and plantings in for spring





Our first winter crops included pumpkins, sweet potatoes, parsley, sage, dill, basil, Asian and European salad leaves, spinach and rocket, edible flowers and chillies. And a pineapple!

Spring this year will be full of the same herbs plus mint, lemon balm, lemon grass, coriander and thyme, Kipfler potatoes, cherry and Roma tomatoes, french and string beans, snap and garden peas, two varieties of kale, several “spinach” varieties, broccoli, blueberries, pineapples, sugar cane, ladyfinger bananas, two varieties of carrots, French endive and whatever actually propagates from the endless boxes of Woolies seeds we’ve been given…

Oh, and a couple of hundred kgs of our own primo compost.

Outline plan is for this summer to see us add more planting area, slightly extend the Lower Terrace and shift the shed back, at last get connected to mains water, add some more small fruit trees, focus on indigenous plants in partnership with a group of our local school students, explore some shade for people options, begin useful plant labelling, get going on our honey and native bee hives, populate our worm farm, and hoepfully achieve better paths/accesses.

No shortage of plans or projects…


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