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We are just a couple of days away from going live with the St Lucia Community Garden’s latest project “New Shoots from Old Roots”, our Indigenous Garden and matching website, between them reflecting the original and historical native plants and traditional uses of the creek, links and park our Community Garden now shares.
https://stluciacommunitygarden.org/new-shoots/ has more information, but do remember you are looking at a sneak preview . . .

It is important to remember that some or all of these plants may be toxic or unpalatable if consumed the wrong way, after the wrong preparation or at the wrong time of year. However everything we cultivate will be useful or edible if handled correctly. Which is how this website can help.

The plants are sourced, planted or awaiting replanting, the information is largely ready, and the crucial site signage (which uses individual QR Codes to allow visitors direct access to the species-specific webpage) is almost there too.

Our thanks to Brisbane City Council (via the Lord Mayor’s Cultivating Community Gardens grant stream) and Maiwar MP Michael Berkman (for contributing top-up funds to bridge the significant extra costs 2022 brought us all). It may seem a simple task to bung in a few native plants and there you are, but doing it properly and in a lasting way takes a fair bit more time, effort and cash.


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