SLCG’s new Indigenous Garden project




Welcome to the St Lucia Community Garden’s new Indigenous Garden project, “New Shoots From Old Roots”. See the project page to browse the thirty or so species we are already growing (or preparing to grow), and information about their importance to indigenous culture as food, medicinal or ceremonial plants. When you are at the Garden you can use the QR Code near each species to find out more.

It is important to remember that some or all of these plants may be toxic or unpalatable if consumed the wrong way, after the wrong preparation or at the wrong time of year. However everything we cultivate will be useful or edible if handled correctly. Which is how this website can help.

The SLCG Indigenous Garden is proudly supported by the Brisbane City Council through The Lord Mayor’s Cultivating Community Gardens Grants scheme, specifically to “Increase the cultivatable area and species diversity of the St Lucia Community Garden and provide a structured opportunity to learn more about the site’s rich cultural and food history”.

Maiwar MP Michael Berkman and the SLCG itself both substantially topped up the initial budget during late 2022 to deal with the project’s rapidly rising costs.

For enquiries about the Indigenous Garden or to become a CG Member write to:


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