Atherton Raspberry

Rubus probus

Atherton Raspberry is a tropical raspberry native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. Unlike the exotic (European) raspberry, this delightful fruit can thrive in warmer climates, and can be found in the wild throughout tropical, subtropical and warm temperate Queensland.

This species produces bright red berries, slightly larger in size and milder in taste than the more commonly known exotic raspberries. Eat them fresh (raw) or use them in cakes, jams, jellies, syrups and sauces.

A prolific bushfood shrub, the Atherton Raspberry typically fruits in summer and autumn, but has been known to produce throughout the year in some regions. The secret to best taste is timing – these berries may turn red long before they’re truly ripe. Wait until the fruit practically falls off its stem when touched.

The Atherton Raspberry is a vigorous, thicket-forming, prickly plant. Left unchecked, it is not uncommon for a healthy example to take over an entire garden bed. For best results, choose a loamy, well-drained soil, and place your plant in full sun, though you may still get reasonable results in part shade. Planting in a pot will make management much easier.

This dense, prickly bush typically grows up to 2m tall and 2m wide, but can be trellis-trained. Prune out old and unproductive canes at the base in spring.

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