Midgen Berry

Austromyrtus dulcis & A. dulcis x tenuifolia

Aboriginal names: Midgen Berry, Midyim Berry

Endemic to sandy soils, open forest and on the rainforest margins from Fraser Island in Queensland to Valla in NSW.

A dense and bushy shrub growing up to 2m tall with small white star-shaped flowers in early summer.  New leaves are burgundy/bronze in colour, becoming a deeper green as they mature.  

The plant bears small white, purple-speckled berries in profusion throughout late Summer and early Autumn. The berries are widely regarded as among the most delicious of all the bush tucker species, similar in taste and appearance to a blueberry with a hint of eucalyptus and a particular favourite bushfood around Moreton Bay.

The fruit is best eaten fresh, seeds and all, but can be added to fruit salads, pies or made into jam. 

The Midgen Berry plant is a relatively easy species to propagate. Fresh cleaned seed germinates in 3-4 weeks while uncleaned fruits take about a week longer. Although the outer coat of the seed is hard no mechanical scarification is necessary. Propagation from cuttings is also easy.

In full sun the Midgen Berry can form a dense spreading shrub up to 40 cm high by 1.4 m in diameter, while in more shaded areas it tends to a more and lower habit. Thrives in sandy coastal situations when not directly exposed to salt winds.
Requires reliable moisture levels and tree shelter in areas prone to severe frosts. Pruning is only necessary to achieve a particular shape such as a hedge. 

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