Native Parsley

Apium prostratum

Native or Sea Parsley is a herb resembling young celery shoots that can be found growing wild all along the southern and south-eastern coastline of Australia. It played an important role for early colonists, it was eaten by Captain Cook and his crew to prevent scurvy, regarded as a survival food among the European explorers and cultivated by colonists around Albany, Westralian Australia, as a vegetable.

As a coastal plant, growing amidst the sand, salt and composting seaweed, Sea Parsley carries hints of ‘ocean’ in its unique flavour.  It has a taste that is somewhere between celery and parsley, with salty flavour and peppery aftertaste. Use it as a garnish, finely chopped or in sprigs, to flavour soups, salads, and chicken and seafood dishes. Stems may be enjoyed fresh or blanched (to temper the strong flavours), while seeds may be used as a condiment or cooking spice.

Native Parsley is rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants and other key nutrients.  Its anti-irritant qualities makes it useful (and handy) for after-sun care and sensitive skin types.  It also boasts a high Vitamin C content.

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